Hot Chocolate Mix in Jar with Mini Wooden Spoon

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This fabulous 8 ounce glass jar has a mini wooden spoon attached so you can stir your delicious mint hot cocoa with ease. Layered inside are the dry ingredients to make a decadent treat- plenty of candy canes, cocoa, chocolate chips, and more.


Just heat milk and the contents of the jar to make rich and delicious hot chocolate. Tied with a beautiful ribbon, this hot cocoa mix makes a perfect gift that can be enjoyed again and again. The perfect indulgence for a cold winter day, or any day! Each jar is 3.75" high by 2.75" wide, comes with instructions for heating, and serves 3-4.



Peppermint Candy Cane

Milk Chocolate Mocha

Salted Butterscotch



Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate

Orange with Dark Chocolate